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A Creative, nature based

Magic Camp

for kids aged 8-12 in Boulder

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Nature and Personal Magic

Wizards will learn the beauty and magic of nature, be inspired by learning about both heaven and earth, through astrology, ecosystems and storytelling. Wizards will learn about their own magic and the power they have, through education and empowerment.


A Grand Adventure

Based on the award winning Merlin Saga, wizards will have no shortage of adventures, both real and fantastical. We will explore the line where magic and play blend with reality.


Magical Spellbooks

Young wizards create their own magical spellbooks, stories and art projects. Wizards will explore how to manifest their own creative magic.


Your Perfect Staff

Inspired by the Merlin Saga and by the ancient legends of Merlin, the Merlin Camp offers children a magical journey. Campers will learn about wizard lore and create their own magical staffs, magical spellbooks, and other wizard skills. Campers will also learn their own magic power and join in a grand wizard’s quest. Engaging in nature based learning, creativity, art and magical knowledge.


A Truly Magical Experience

Sponsored by the Boulder Book Store, the Merlin Camp is open to a limited number of young wizards ages 8 – 12. Merlin Camp is taking a break to complete our spell book during summer 2017, and plan on resuming summer 2018.

Camp fee includes snacks throughout the day (lunch is NOT provided) materials, art supplies, and magical equipment.  Wizards will be able to choose one of the awards winning Merlin Saga books, to either introduce them to the series or continue their exploration.

A Letter From Merlin

Dear Young Wizards

If you are here, it means that you have felt the spark of magic stirring within you.  The path ahead will be fraught with many perils and mysteries; lucky you have discovered my wizard training camp in Colorado!  While my Colorado camp will provide you with safety and magical training, it will hardly be easy.  There are many more trials to complete before you can become a true wizard, and more still to be learned.

Luckily, many friends of mine will be at Merlin Camp, watching with eagerness how your journey will unfold, and to see the wizard that I know you will become!


A few tips:

  1. Although Rhia is still missing, her wisdom and guidance will be invaluable during this time, trust in her help.
  2. A wizard needs a staff.  If you already have one, please bring it to continue your training.
  3. Finally, remember to trust yourself and your own magic, it will be the most invaluable of guides during these trying times.  Rhita Gawr’s deception runs deep…

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Sessions will take place 9am-3pm, Monday-Friday.

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